AIOU MEd Code 858 Past Papers

AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers

AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers

On this page you can free download AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers. As, AIOU MEd Past Papers help students to prepare exams with ease. Therefore, we save all the official AIOU MEd Past Papers each year for next session of MEd students. Past Papers are available for all old & new codes of AIOU MEd. So, now you don’t need to search for them individually.

AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers

For students, AIOU MEd Past Papers are just like guess papers. Furthermore, past papers are helpful to understand the paper pattern. It explain, how a particular subject’s paper constitutes marks division.

Similarly, AIOU MEd Past Papers also determine, which units or chapters are more important as compared to others. As, questions of past papers reveal this secret, if you focus on them. So, students must give attention & thoroughly check AIOU MEd Past Papers.

AIOU offers Master in Education (MEd) program for teacher training. MEd is of two years or four semesters program. Aspirants have to attend two days workshop for each MEd code. Moreover, AIOU offers five types of MEd programs, as under;

  1. M.Ed in Elementary Teacher Education (MEd ETE)
  2. M.Ed. In Distance & Non-Formal Education (MEd DNFE)
  3. M.Ed. In Science Education (MEd SE)
  4. M.Ed. In Special Education (MEd SE)
  5. M.Ed. In Teacher Education (MEd TE)

All these five programs aim to provide education & training facilities to teachers.

Download AIOU MEd all Codes Past Papers

You can find here past papers of all codes of all these five AIOU MEd programs.

We strive hard to collect each year’s exam papers of MEd program’s all codes. So that the next badge of MEd program’s Students may get benefits from these Past Papers. You can find code wise all past papers below, arranged in ascending order.

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AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers

600 all Codes MEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload Past Papers
622Elementary School ManagementDownload 622 Past Papers
623Teaching Strategies at Elementary LevelDownload 623 Past Papers
625Perspective of Elementary EducationDownload 625 Past Papers
626Elementary Teacher EducationDownload 626 Past Papers
627ICT in EducationDownload 627 Past Papers
629Guidance & Counselling in Elementary SchoolDownload 629 Past Papers
671Educational PsychologyDownload 671 Past Papers
672Perspectives of Special EducationDownload 672 Past Papers
673Handicapped Person in the CommunityDownload 673 Past Papers
677Independence Training for the Visually HandicappedDownload 677 Past Papers
678Special Education for the Visually HandicappedDownload 678 Past Papers
680General Introduction to the Hearing ImpairmentDownload 680 Past Papers
681Psychology of Deafness & Child DevelopmentDownload 681 Past Papers
682Speech & HearingDownload 682 Past Papers
683Audiology & AudiometryDownload 683 Past Papers
695Foundations of Science EducationDownload 695 Past Papers
696Teaching Strategies in Science EducationDownload 696 Past Papers
697Assessment in Science EducationDownload 697 Past Papers
698Laboratory Organization, Management & Safety MethodsDownload 698 Past Papers
699ThesisDownload 699 Past Papers
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800 all Codes MEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload Past Papers
826Elementary EducationDownload 826 Past Papers
827Secondary EducationDownload 827 Past Papers
828Higher EducationDownload 828 Past Papers
829Teacher Education in PakistanDownload 829 Past Papers
831Foundations of EducationDownload 831 Past Papers
834Educational TechnologyDownload 834 Past Papers
835Foundations of Adult EducationDownload 835 Past Papers
837Educational ResearchDownload 837 Past Papers
838Curriculum Development & InstructionDownload 838 Past Papers
839Thesis Download 839 Past Papers
840Educational PsychologyDownload 840 Past Papers
841Educational Measurement & EvaluationDownload 841 Past Papers
842Concepts & Methods of Distance EducationDownload 842 Past Papers
843Educational Guidance & CounsellingDownload 843 Past Papers
844Non-Formal EducationDownload 844 Past Papers
845Educational Administration & SupervisionDownload 845 Past Papers
846Teaching StrategiesDownload 846 Past Papers
847Adult Education in Comparative PerspectiveDownload 847 Past Papers
848ThesisDownload 848 Past Papers
849Thesis (Continued)Download 849 Past Papers
851The System of Distance EducationDownload 851 Past Papers
852Broadcast Media in DNFEDownload 852 Past Papers
853Non Broadcast Media in DNFEDownload 853 Past Papers
854Developing Material for DNFEDownload 854 Past Papers
855Computers in EducationDownload 855 Past Papers
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1600 all Codes MEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload Past Papers
1627Classroom AssessmentDownload 1627 Past Papers
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3600 all Codes MEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload Past Papers
3600Face-to-Face Component (Workshop, Teaching Practice, Final Lesson)Download 3600 Past Papers
3601Braille Practical Course (English)-I Download 3601 Past Papers
3602Braille Practical Course (Urdu)-IIDownload 3602 Past Papers
3603Introduction & Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-IDownload 3603 Past Papers
3604Introduction & Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-IIDownload 3604 Past Papers
3605Education of the Mentally Retarded Child-IDownload 3605 Past Papers
3606Education of the Mentally Retarded Child-IIDownload 3606 Past Papers
3607Physical Handicaps-IDownload 3607 Past Papers
3608Physical Handicaps-II Download 3608 Past Papers
3609Educational Adaptation for Children with Physical Disabilities-IDownload 3609 Past Papers
3610Educational Adaptation for Children With Physical Disabilities-IIDownload 3610 Past Papers
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6500 all Codes MEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload Past Papers
6505Evaluation Islamic System of EducationDownload 6505 Past Papers
6506Education in PakistanDownload 6506 Past Papers
6507Educational Measurement & EvaluationDownload 6507 Past Papers
6552Textbook Development-IDownload 6552 Past Papers
6553Textbook Development-IIDownload 6553 Past Papers

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That’s all about “AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers”. Enjoy free AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU MEd Programs. In case of any further query, feel free to comment or contact us.

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