AIOU MEd Code 858 Past Papers

AIOU MEd Code 623 Past Papers

AIOU MEd Code 623 Past Papers

Here you can free download AIOU MEd Code 623 Past Papers. AIOU Past Papers help students to prepare exams with ease. All MEd Code 623 AIOU Past Papers of more than 5 years for next session of MEd students. MEd Code 623 Past Papers are available for both Autumn & Spring semester exams. So, now you don’t need to search for them individually.

AIOU MEd Code 623 Past Papers


For students, MEd code 623 Past Papers are just like guess papers. Furthermore, code 623 past papers are helpful to understand the paper pattern. It explain, how code 623 subject’s paper constitutes marks division.

Similarly, MEd Code 623 Past Papers also determine, which units or chapters are more important as compared to others. As, questions of past papers reveal this secret, if you focus on them. So, students must give attention & thoroughly check AIOU MEd 623 Past Papers.

AIOU offers Master in Education (MEd) program for teacher training. MEd is of two years or four semesters program. Aspirants have to attend two days workshop for each MEd code. As well as, enrolled students have to write two assignments of each subject. Students need to post written assignments to their assigned tutors.

Though, doing MEd from AIOU is not much difficult, but, having insight of final exam’s paper pattern is really important. This is the point, where past papers become helpful.

AIOU Past Papers

About AIOU MEd Code 623

ProgramSubject CodeSubject Name
MEd623Teaching Strategies at Elementary Level

We strive hard to collect each year’s exam papers of MEd code 623. So that the next badge of MEd program’s students may get benefits from these Past Papers. You can find semester wise all past papers below.

Free Download AIOU Code 623 Past Papers

AIOU MEd All Codes Past Papers

Sr. No.Course CodeSemester NameDownload / View
1623Autumn 2017Download / View
2623Spring 2017Download / View
3623Autumn 2016Download / View
4623Spring 2016Download / View
5623Autumn 2015Download / View
6623Spring 2015Download / View
7623Autumn 2014Download / View
8623Spring 2014Download / View

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