BZU BA / BSc & MA / MSc Admissions

BZU Multan Admissions

BZU BA / BSc & MA / MSc Admissions

If you’re looking for BZU Multan Admissions in BS / BA / BSc or MA / MSc or MS / MPhil or PhD programs, you’re welcome. You’ll know complete information regarding BZU Multan admissions of all Bachelor, Master, MPhil & PhD programs. In addition, fee detail, eligibility criteria, last date to submit admission application & how to apply for admission in all BZU BS / BA / BSc or MA / MSc or MS / MPhil or PhD programs.

BZU Multan Admissions

Bahauddin Zakariya University, BZU offers a large number of various programs for both Arts & Science students. Both Faculties & Departments of BZU, Multan provide services in morning & evening shifts. Though, the admission applications for BA / BSc / BS Programs & for master programs MA / MSc are invited once in a year. While, for some bachelor programs admission applications are invited twice in a year. Similarly, for MS / MPhil & PhD admission applications are invited only once in year. We regularly update the admission deadlines for all Bachelor (BA / BSc / BS) programs, Master programs (MA/MSc), as well as for MS / MPhil & PhD programs.

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan or BZU Multan is one of the top university of Pakistan. A large number of students study from Bachelor to PhD in Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce, Law, Business, Pharmacy, Veterinary Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture Science & Technology etc. Above all, BZU Multan has the best faculty employed for teaching, training, facilitating & resourcing the students.

Programs for Admission in BZU Multan

Click on the educational level or program, for which you want to know the admission details. On the next page you’ll know the complete admission details of that particular program / educational level.

BA - BSc Admission

BZU Multan's BA & BSc Private & Regular Admission Updates

MA - MSc Admission

BZU Multan's MA & MSc Private & Regular Admission Updates

BS Admission

BZU Multan's BS all Programs Admission Updates

MS/MPhil & PhD Admission

BZU Multan's MS / MPhil & PhD Admission Updates

NOTE: In order to submit admission application successfully for any program, must read the eligibility criteria of respective program, carefully. For example, if you want to submit admission application for MSc Math, you must have studied the Math subject of 200 marks in bachelor program. Similarly, all the BZU Multan’s programs have their respective eligibility criteria. You can read the eligibility criteria of all programs individually on their admission information page.

Furthermore, don’t miss the last date of application submission, otherwise, you’ll have to pay double & then triple fee for admission application submission. The last dates of admission application submission of each program can be found on respective program’s admission details page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BZU, Multan has always remained a centre of excellence in education. BZU, Multan has maintained its central position & centuries old cultural heritage & therefore suited ideally to become a center of learning. The University is widely known as an institution of strong performance & high ambition, because it has continued to make excellent progress toward its goals. It plays a significant role in developing indigenous human resources through its highly productive achievements, both in sciences & humanities.

The University is located at a distance of 10 km from the city center. The main Campus is spread over 960 acres of land. The University has a fleet of 45 buses & 3 coaches which provides transport facilities to students & staff.

The University offers a wide range of programs: M.A, M.Sc, MBA, M.Com, MCS, M.Phil & Ph.D. Additionally, in recent years, the University has taken a lead in introducing 4 Years Undergraduate programs in Science, Commerce, Business, Pharmacy, Engineering & English Literature & Linguistics. Various short-time courses & diplomas have become popular with the general public & are offered from time to time. List of all BZU Study Programs.

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