Check MEPCO Bill Online Get MEPCO Duplicate Bill

Check MEPCO Bill Online MEPCO Duplicate Bill

Are you looking for MEPCO Bill? Do you want to download duplicate MEPCO bill? Here you Check MEPCO Bill Online Get MEPCO Duplicate Bill. Moreover, you can also print your MEPCO duplicate bill or download it, free of cost.

Check MEPCO Bill Online Get MEPCO Duplicate Bill

Though, Multan Electric & Power Company (MEPCO) sends every month hard copy of electricity bill at consumer’s home. However, some of the consumer can not get it, as, most of the bill lost during delivery. Therefore, such consumers need to have a duplicate copy of their electricity monthly bill.

Sometime, MEPCO consumers also need to check their electricity bill before reaching the official hard copy at their home. So that, they can pay their bill as soon as possible, due to several reasons.

How to Check MEPCO Bill Online or Generate MEPCO Duplicate Bill?

In order to check MEPCO bill or to generate duplicate bill, you just need to go through following easy steps:

💡 1. First of all click following button & go to MEPCO official bill generation web

💡 2. On the next MEPCO welcome page, you need to enter your 14 digit numeric reference/consumer number, without space. (marked with number 1 in following photo)

Checking MEPCO Bill Online step 1

💡 3. Furthermore, after entering reference number, click on “Submit” button. You’ll have your duplicate MEPCO electricity bill.

💡 4. Moreover, if you want to have hard copy of your duplicate electricity bill, click on “Print Bill” button, at the top of the page. (as shown in following photo, marked with arrow ➯).

Checking MEPCO Bill Online step 2

💡 5. When you’ll click on “Print Bill” button, another window with printing options will open. (as shown in following photo)

Checking MEPCO Bill Online step 3

💡 5-ii. Now click in front of “Designation“, to have different options. (as shown in above photo, marked with number 1). Furthermore, if you want keep a copy in your PC, click on “Save as PDF” (marked with number 3, in above photo). While, if you want to get print instantly, just choose your printer & click on “Print” button.

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That’s all about “Check MEPCO Bill Online Get MEPCO Duplicate Bill”. In case of any query, feel free to comment or contact us.

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